I'm a yoga teacher, reiki healer, and a writer. With teaching certificates from both Bikram Choudhury and Dharma Mittra, my asana training can be described as classical, but when I teach I add a modern twist. 

My yoga journey began in June 2002, just after I'd graduated from the University of San Francisco magna cum laude with a BS in Marketing. With a freshly sprained ankle from a kickboxing class, I walked into a Bikram yoga studio in San Francisco seeking a low impact form of exercise to keep my anxiety in check while my injury was healing. Also, I wanted to become more connected spiritually. What I found was true love at first sweat.  

When I walked into that class, I was a flexible girl with no strength, studying for the LSAT, anxiety ridden, losing a battle with obsessive-compulsive disorder, and on a frustrating journey searching for my elusive self.  

Today, I am on my path; I have healed my obsessive-compulsive disorder, eradicated my anxiety and have built a good balance of strength in relation to my flexibility. Most importantly, I know who I am. 

For many years, I embarked on an extremely rigorous physical practice, burning out the emotional pain and uncertainty that caused my OCD and anxiety. Initially, it was purely the physical movement that allowed me to connect spiritually. It wasn’t until seven years into my practice that I became more receptive to the grace and love that comes with the stillness from practicing yoga. In stillness, I literally felt the world open up and the layers of pain shed off. 

It was here when I embarked on a meditation practice, expanded my asana learning, and knew I’d found my calling—to help people uncover their poetry the way I had uncovered mine. 

Through my writing and yoga teaching, both public and private classes, I aim to help people heal so that they are able to give their unique gift to the world. I believe that through yoga and meditation we can transform our pain into light, into love. My desire is to assist people in opening their hearts so that they can calm their minds and give love to themselves and, ultimately, to the world.

I write fiction, poetry as well as for Elephant Journal , ALOHA, and Teach.yoga. 


I began my teaching journey in 2006, when I moved to LA. to attend Bikram yoga teacher training. After the training, I taught at Bikram’s headquarters for a year where I studied the classic 84 Bikram advanced series from Bikram’s most senior teacher, Emmy Cleaves. In the fall of 2007, I moved to Chicago where I taught both the beginning and the advanced Bikram series. In 2010, I visited NYC for the second time in my life, only this time I fell in love. Four months later, I was teaching for Bikram yoga NYC. I also started training with Sri Dharma Mittra. Today, I continue to study underneath some of the most amazing yoga instructors in the world. It is my greatest blessing that I am able to give back the gifts I have been given.