Hello Rock and Roll Yoginis/Yogis!

About a year ago I decided to answer the call as a healer. It wasn't an easy decision for me. I had spent many years thinking I'd rather be holed up in my apartment in front of my computer creating dark, twisted and dysfunctional fiction characters than giving light to to the world.

I was teaching yoga and practicing yoga, but I hadn't committed to the path of being a true healing force. I found safety in my fiction writing. My own practice still felt too precious and necessary for me to commit to helping others heal full time. 

I needed to heal first. My practice and my healing were private and I didn't have the strength to share, not yet.

Strangely, through the creation of those dark and twisty characters I was healing my heart and my soul, which was giving me the needed strength to answer this call. At the time I had no idea the ways in which my writing was adding to this path, but in retrospect I can see that it was the combination of my fiction journey and my yogic one that was healing me enough to be able to truly help others heal themselves too.

We are never completely healed. We are always in the process of healing. But, we do eventually come to a place where we are healed enough to be a guide for others to heal.

Last year, as the last days of summer danced me through the park, I realized that this was my call. It was a struggle at first to come to terms with, but once I accepted it I truly felt like I had never made a more right decision in my entire life.

I realized that every moment in my life has added up to this point, including my name, Yarrow, a healing herb.

So, as we end summer and head into fall I invite you to join me at the Rock And Roll Yogini where I will be using my energy to help you alchemize your pain into light. I look forward to sharing with you the love and light that was generated from my own tortured soul and emotional pain. I was born into this world an emotional creature with deep hurt that can only be explained as having come from a previous life. And it is through my yoga and meditation practices that I have moved through it and alchemized it into light. 

It is from a place of understanding and love that I want to give back. It is my belief that we are all alchemists. We all have the power of healing and we all have a unique gift to give to the world. Now is the time to uncover it and let others bathe in that light.

Peace and Love,