How about a little Monday Melodies for Humpday Heals on the brink of becoming Thursday?

It works, right?

It's been quite the year, that's for sure, and now I am embarking on a journey I never saw myself going on. I'm going back to school, but it is not as an escape or out of confusion. I am adding a degree to my tool box that will more completely enhance the work I am already doing. 

Today, if you are confused about what you are doing in your life, write down a list of all the careers you are interested in then uncover the common theme in all of them and follow that theme to the one or combination that sets your heart on fire!!! 

It took me years to get to here, and nothing has ever felt so right. The teaching, the Reiki healing, and now the counseling degree. I've taken a windy path to get back to the same place I was in when I was 18 and my mom and I went to speak to the head of the counseling department at HSU. But, I'm not actually in the same place at all and without those twists and turns I wouldn't be as ready and as certain as I am now.

Peace and love...xoxoxo