Today, one of my favorite students gave me the book "How To Relax" by Thich Nhat Hanh. His plan was not to give it to me. In fact, he prefaced his story with, "I am not giving you this book, but I want to share the story with you."

After he shared his story and read the passage to me I said, "I need that."

To which he replied, "It's yours."

I had not intended for him to hand it over and, yet, I couldn't resist, gracefully, accepting his gift. With the book in my hand I said, "I'll read it in class."

The passages reads,


Whenever animals in the forest are wounded, they rest. They look for a very quiet place and just stay there without moving for many days. They know it's the best way for their body to heal. During this time they may not even eat or drink. The wisdom of stopping and healing is still alive in animals, but we human beings have lost the capacity to rest.


It's so true. And, not only have we lost the capacity to rest, but we have lost the capacity to heal. We seek an external fix for an internal problem at all turns. Whether it's an emotional issue like a break-up or a common cold we want a quick easy fix for the pain. Immediate relief. We don't know how to listen to the pain or how to stop, go inside and rest so that we can heal. We have lost the capacity to allow the wisdom of our souls to unfold. 

Through becoming civilized we have allowed the mind to overtake us, causing us to lose touch with our intuition and as such we have lost the capacity to rest and by losing the capacity to rest we have lost the capacity to heal.

It's time that we reclaim our right to be wounded. We all have wounds inside of us that need rest and healing. It is so important, crucial really, that are able to give our wounds the space and love they deserve, that we take the time to breathe and to be and to heal.

It's only when we heal that we are able to love. I am speaking about real, authentic love. Love that allows space and freedom and isn't based on need. Love that accepts another as he is and understands how to let him breathe. When we heal, we learn how to let ourselves breathe and then we are able to let our love breathe too.

Accept your wounds, give them the spaciousness they deserve, and allow yourself to heal. When you do, magic will unfold.