On Sunday, at this month's "Alchemizing Pain Into Light" we got real and we went deep. It's when we get to the root of the pain that we are able to heal it.

We all have pain and we all have to heal it, continually. It's a process, and the more aware we become the more healing there is to do. God gives each of us what we can handle, so take your lessons with grace and let them unfold and be learned with love.

This is new for me, being able to take my lessons with grace. Grace is a new word for me. To live life gracefully. It's a new concept, one I'm growing to increasingly appreciate. I spent so many years trying to force and control and own that to sit back and gracefully let life happen took many years of practice. 

I'm still practicing it. 

But tonight, as I sit typing these words I can feel the healing inside me. I can feel the calm where there used to be anxiety. I can feel the love where there used to be fear. And I can feel the joy where there used to be sadness.

I've had a difficult week. I've been confronted with a lesson again, one that I thought I was dealing with in the right way, only to find that I hadn't been. Lessons repeat as needed...

This one has been thrown at me several times, and I continue greeting it the wrong way. It's time I learn, it's time I have the strength to do what I've been dreading doing. It's time to release the old way of greeting this issue. 

So, here I go on a new journey, down a different road, one that I wish will produce much different results. 

A release, a letting go, a trusting in the process of the universe. 

And so I will breathe and I will let go and I will be receptive to the grace of love as I alchemize my pain into light. I will be receptive to the grace of love...

Peace and Love...xo