Happy beginnings of the change of seasons. As we slip into fall, I invite you to join me on Wednesdays for Humpday Heals, a series of blog posts designed to add healing into your everyday life. 

Yesterday, I went to tea with a friend. Someone who I hadn't seen in quite some time, and a friend who I haven't spent a ton of time with outside of the yoga room, but a wonderful kindred spirit who it brings me great pleasure to chat with. As I walked away from my tea, my heart felt open and happy, bathed in a freshness that can only come from good conversation with a warm spirit. Later in the day, she texted me an insight from our conversation and it gave me a chance to deeply reflect on a very important facet of my life that I didn't realize I was confused about. Her perspective gave me clarity.

In this world, where we are so busy, it's easy to let people fall through the cracks. Some are meant to, but there are others that it is important we make time for. 

So often, we stay connected via social media, but there is such a difference when we look into someone's eyes, feel their energy permeating from them-- when we are able to be and breathe and exchange love with another person, in the flesh. It allows us to feel that connection to ourselves even more completely.  

Also, when we express ourselves to people outside of our normal circle, we learn about ourselves and where we are at in our lives. They may reflect something back to us that we don't realize we are projecting and it allows for us to more completely own how we feel. When we speak to the same people everyday, all the time, and they know us and think as we do, it can be very limiting. But, when we expand and allow new perspectives and ideas to unfold it gives us the chance us to blossom even more completely, for it challenges us to own our power and to stand in the center of who we are.

So, in today's Humpday Heals, I challenge you to take the time to get a tea with someone who you may not see very often, but a friend who you feel connected to and who you want to connect with. It may surprise you what you'll uncover...

Peace and Love...xoxoxo

Yarrow Kae