A couple of weeks ago, I went to Soul Camp where I did a breath workshop with Kathleen Booker. During the workshop, as I lay on my back in what I call savasana, I felt my body release into a more relaxed state. As a yogi, I understand how deeply important our breath is, but that doesn't mean I always breathe perfectly.

As gently as a fluttering butterfly, Kathleen moved through the room, lightly touching people to help facilitate the breath. When she came to me, she put her hands on the lower part of my abdomen on the left side, gently shook me, and she whispered, "With ease."

With the touch of her hands and the sound of her voice, I felt a release within as the breath moved through a place that had been stuck, that had been stagnant. 

For weeks I'd been having issue in my left hip, and I felt the stagnation of that area. The touch of her hand and the movement of my breath released it, and I breathed deeper. With that breath I melted into the floor, my mind became meditative, and I breathed some more.

With ease is something we forget. We rush, we run, we push, we pull, we overdo, but we forget the ease and the beautiful gentleness of life. I've been guilty of this always. It has only been within the last couple of years that I have begun to embrace the ease of being, And, still, everyday I have to remind myself. It's not in my nature. I dwell and overthink, but when I let my breath flow, when I let go, when I allow, when I breathe for ease I release, I relax, and I let go. 

I challenge you to take a few moments today to lie on your floor (I love lying on the floor) and breathe. Witness what happens as you let yourself melt into the ground. Maybe bring your left hand to your heart and your right and to your stomach and feel yourself breathe. Let the breath calm you, relax you. Let the breath fill your heart. Let yourself feel the ease.

Peace and love...xoxoxo