The other day a man who is dear to me said, "You have roots here."

I had never thought of myself as someone who has roots anywhere. I feared commitment, feared being trapped, didn't want to stunt myself from being free. But, when he said that, I liked it, for I had been growing roots.

I never understood this concept, growing roots, creating home--foreign concepts to me. And then, this year as I was studying more about the chakras, I realized how important it is for me to heal my 1st chakra and to grow roots. It was only by growing roots, creating home that I would be able to accomplish the work I want to in this material world.

I'd always been so connected to the spiritual world, the place where I could connect to my higher self, but the material world, though I enjoyed its luxuries, I often neglected it. I was in my head, in the clouds, daydreaming. And then last year, I realized that I would always feel ungrounded unless I committed to me and grew roots.

And, now, here I am with my roots in the ground and my dreams coming into view.

It takes courage to commit. It takes courage to grow roots. It also takes courage to let go. It takes courage to be true to one's self no matter how it effects another. And that's the balance, being able to grow roots without losing a sense of freedom.

So, my question for you--have you had the courage to commit and to grow roots? Or, are you bouncing from one thing to the next uncertain what you're doing and afraid to put your heart on the line? 

Suggestion: Sit in meditation, let the clarity of who you are and what you want come forward and then go for it, put your whole heart on the line! Have the courage to commit to something! Have the courage to believe in yourself! Have the courage to let yourself shine!

Conversely, are you holding onto a life that is no longer yours for fear of what letting go might look like? 

Suggestion: Sit in meditation, let the clarity of who you are and what you want come forward and then take action. Have the courage to let go! Have the courage to have the hard conversations and to move forward! Have the courage to honor your growth. One of the most courageous acts we can take is recognizing when a previous life no longer fits us, shed that skin, allow yourself the gift of change, the gift of growth!

Peace and love...xoxoxo