On this day, I will sit in the quiet knowing, letting all other opinions fade away. Quell my ego's concern about what others think and sit, in silence, in the quiet knowing of my own soul.

It's harder, to sit and know and understand. It's harder to be and to believe and to love than it is to fret and worry and try to control. 

It's harder to be honest and authentic than it is to play games and create allusions.

It's harder to just be and to trust.

It's harder when we allow the quiet knowing to become the louder voice, the one that drives us forward. It's harder to break the habit of running wild on the hamster wheel of our minds.

It's harder to trust the beating of our own intuition. That beautiful voice whispering in our ear the truth we may or may not want to hear.

It's harder to let our spirit animal roam free.

Than it is to fall victim to the brutality of our fear-driven minds. It's harder to sit, still, and let the quiet knowing wash over us until all we can do is believe. And, though it may be harder to believe and to trust enough to live from our soul it's even harder not to.

Peace and Love...xoxoxo

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